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Pinterest: the same rant all over again

Once more with feeling:  I love Pinterest but there is a raft of BS spreading like VD.

“You Can Heal Paper Cuts Immediately With Chopsticks!!!”

“Drink Tons of Apple Juice Before Going to Bed – the Chemical Compounds in the Juice Cause Vivid and Awesome Dreams!!!”

“Soak a Cotton Ball in Vinegar to Make a Bruise Disappear!!!”

“If You Go to the Zoo, Wear the Same Colors as the Employees — the Animals Will Come Up to you Immediately!!!”

— Every random pseudo-holistic health and beauty promotion ends with “I’ve been doing this a week now, my teeth are whiter and no longer sensitive, any body puffiness I had is gone and I’ve lost two pounds this week and this is the only change I’ve made. My hair had become shiny and no longer frizzy, even my nails have smoothed out, I can really recommend this for everybody!!!”

Everything is a quick fix, cheap, with ingredients found around the house, and it eliminates all the minor irritations in life — whether you knew you had them or not.  Or cared.

Are these the people who click on the “One Weird Trick” ads that never die?

And again, exploring the poster’s other repins inevitably reveals boards for country romance, sugary desserts, and inspirational quotes from the Scripture.  Ladies, if you read books besides the Bible, or observed the world around you, you would know that immediate healing does not occur outside the grotto at Lourdes, that almost all animals have vision (especially color vision) different from humans, and drinking tons of anything before bed will give you very vivid dreams of waterfalls, running faucets, tinkling streams, and cheerleaders shouting, “GIVE ME A ‘P’!” — but not because you have interfered with your acetylcholine receptors.

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