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The Things I Learned at Ragnarok:

I’m not a LARP-er, I am (or was, or have been) a SCA-dian. But this beautiful valentine also serves as a reminder within the community, to those who have found their strength but lost their sense of acceptance — as well as a signpost to snarkers of all stripes. Be cool to others and you will be cool, period.

Waiting for Diamonds

“So, how was camping?” – I can hear it now, from co-workers, friends and family. See, that’s what I said I was doing. And I mean, it’s the truth. I was definitely sleeping in a tent, on a mattress with a slow leak for half this week. My back seems to enjoy reminding me that I’m almost 30, not barely 20. I came home sweaty, muddy and exhausted; as you’d expect from camping. But I wasn’t just camping this weekend. I was at Rag.

Dirty feet

What is Rag? Well, I have to start at the beginning here. My boyfriend is a nerd. I like him that way, actually. I’m a closet nerd myself (but, keep that quiet okay?). His favorite pass-time is to dress up in Medieval Garb, call himself Lyradil and hit people with foam weapons.

So, let’s pause there. Because we can react two ways to this. We can…

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