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Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye, Debating Young Earth Creationism versus Evolution

There is a huge mistake debating this topic:  it implies that there are two equally valid sides.  It implies that there is a debate that can elevate understanding.  We need to fight back against the Michele Bachmanns of the world, and the Texas textbook conspirators, but we must not proceed from the position that there are two sides here.  There is science, and there are fairy tales.

Let me add that I respect the right of any individual to believe as he will.  If you have a deep inner conviction that there are ghosts or gods or gnomes in the garden, I will defend your right to do so.  But you don’t get to teach it in schools or dismiss the work of scholars based on your feelings.  (NB:  vintage, poorly edited fanfic such as the Bible is not valid support for those feelings.)

The nub of the gist:  there is no point debating faith versus science because there is no overlap.  Faith is of the heart and science is of the brain.  If you fall in love with the meth addict who runs the Tilt-O-Whirl and bring him home to your folks, they will say he’s dangerous because he uses hard drugs and is just passing through town.  You will scream that they don’t know him like you know him, and that it doesn’t matter anyway because you luuuuurve him.

And you would both be right.  But either way, in six months you’re going to be living in a van and pumping gas until the baby comes, because chances are good you don’t believe in contraception or abortion, and your parents endorse those opinions but won’t keep a sinner under their roof.