The PC Movement

There is a great if horrifying post on elder rape today over at the Daily Beast, and as always, there are horrifying comments.  Like that judge in Arizona who found a cop guilty of sexual assault, but chided the victim for having gone to a bar (“if you hadn’t been there, it never would have happened”) and said that she hoped the victim “learned something from all this,” there are a large number of commenters who are loudly disagreeing with the statement that “rape isn’t about sex, it’s about violence.”

Jaw on the floor, I read comment after comment saying that this statement is untrue, that it’s just “feminist dogma”, that it’s not rape if it’s not violent and forcible, that sometimes, yeah, it IS about sex.

Doesn’t that make you wonder about the “dating history” of a person who would say such a thing?

And then the inevitable bitching and moaning about the PC movement.

Well, guess what, sports fans?  We never would have needed a PC movement if it hadn’t been for ignorant jerks who might loudly vaunt Good Old-Fashioned Family Values, but behave and speak in a thoroughly ungentlemanly fashion, denigrating people for their differences and choosing rapists over their victims.

So every time a feminist irks you, keep in mind that the dittoheads of the world are to blame.

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