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On abortion, especially in cases of rape, incest, etc.

“Horrid circumstances” have nothing to do with whether or not abortion is acceptable. Nor does the inherent idea that the mother must have done everything in her power to avoid pregnancy.

The left don’t feel comfortable discussing the boundaries of ethical abortion too much, since the right uses that boundary to argue that all abortion is wrong. Even so, there are those on the right who admit that there are times when abortion seems inarguably appropriate — and therefore abortion isn’t 100% immoral.

But the “horrid circumstances” rule only clouds the issue. Whether abortion is always okay (within ethical limits such as viability) or it’s always murder (just like a two-day late period is a miscarriage) (sorry, but those folks are idiots) — that determination has nothing to do with the circumstances of the origination of the pregnancy.

Folks, get over yourselves! Read some books (the kinds with facts, not shouting) and keep in mind that if it’s not your body, it’s not your business. Let the law reflect it.


Since the Democrats have dropped the word “rare” from their classic abortion litany (“it should be safe, legal, and rare”) some folks, even Eleanor Clift, are wondering if the Dems have gone too far.  In her Daily Beast piece this morning, she said the Dems might be unwisely pushing the envelope.  You already have the base; why alienate the centrists?

I love Eleanor (gee-I-think-you’re-swell-anor), but is she kidding?

The GOP have pushed abortion/contraception issues out of the stratosphere, with personhood bills for lentil-sized blobs, trying to lay murder charges on women who miscarry, and even dating pregnancy to the previous period — essentially making you pregnant before you might have even had sex.

After all that, nothing the Democrats do to defend a woman’s right to control her own body can be called “pushing the envelope.”

The idea of forcing a woman to remain pregnant against her will is not compatible with a free society.  We’re not incubators who have no ownership of our bodies, nor slaves who can be bred like livestock.

And babies are not punishment for having sex.  The anti-science of the Right, which as a party plank in many states wants to deny high schoolers education in reproductive biology (as well as many other critical scientific ideas which don’t align with their misguided religious beliefs, which they are free to have but not smart to have), cannot have it both ways.

You can’t bullshit people using pseudo-scientific language that a teensy blob of human cookie dough has rights that supersede those of the grown woman — or immature girl — who houses it.  You cannot deny high schoolers the facts about their own bodies, prevent them from obtaining condoms and the Pill, and then punish them for not having blindly obeyed you in your insistence that abstinence is the only acceptable form of birth control.

Be honest, Texas Republicans.    A lot of your women had pregnancy scares.  A good number of them had abortions, back when it was legal and unobstructed, and thanked God for it.  A lot of your men abandoned the women they knocked up.  And a lot of folks got married young, with white shotguns on both sides.  Don’t lie to yourselves about what teens do.  Don’t hypocritically deny your young people rights you exercised.

And don’t try to assuage your own guilt about having had premarital sex, out-of-wedlock babies, or even abortions by “saving” young people from making the mistakes you made.  Grow up, little britches.  Accommodate reality rather than pretending that married women, religious women, and people who used birth control don’t get abortions.  Or need them.

You know darned well that Plan B and early-term abortions are not murdering babies.  All you are doing is cultivating a wedge issue in people who might vote for the other team if they took their eyes off the non-government problem of unwanted pregnancy and glanced for a moment at the real problems of the economy and unemployment.  These are complicated issues on which good folk disagree.  How bright of you to take away people’s facts, and whip up their emotions, on an issue that solves none of the real problems America is facing — and which her government might solve.

But thinking about the economy instead of teensy little baby bones might lead folks to vote for the other team, and you can’t have that, now, can you ? 

And hey, not that you care, but forcing a woman to bear a child she doesn’t want, or can’t afford, puts another real person into the world.  A little kid you insisted be brought into the world, which you have denied food, medicine, and shelter.

As Helen Lovejoy said, “Won’t someone *please* think of the children?”  The Republicans sure as hell are not.

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